Posted by: sigourneyweaverfan | February 13, 2010

OK! EXCLUSIVE: Sigourney Weaver Not Nervous to Play a Stripper

Sigourney Weaver chatted with OK! at amFar’s annual New York Gala at Cipriani on Wednesday about why she’s looking forward to going to the Oscars and how she’s playing a stripper in her next film! When asked if she’s nervous to do play legendary striptease artist Gypsy Rose Lee, she told OK!, “No, actually. She was such a show person and she doesn’t take off much.”

Sigourney revealed to OK! that she will be going to the Oscars and is most looking forward to “seeing friends.”

“I think everyone assumes that we all talk to each other all the time and in fact, a lot of us don’t know each other,” the Avatar star explained. “There is just a mutual respect and understanding and it feels like it’s a very small community and a family.”

A family that would support Sigourney through her next role of playing a stripper in the upcoming film Gypsy and Me.

“Gypsy Rose Lee was this brilliant woman,” Sigourney said to OK! “She was actually an intellectual and she wrote the book that Gypsy is based on.”

Sigourney seems to have done her research for her role.

“Her son wrote a book called G-String Mother about his relationship with his mother, because he was her dresser on the road and she was too cheap to hire anyone else,” she explained. “So from the time he was born he was her majordomo. It’s a brilliant script and I’m really excited.”

The studying Sigourney did on the role has made her not at all nervous for the part.

“She was such a show person and she doesn’t take off much,” she told OK!. “Everything is concealed, everything is about wit and it’s about the old time strippers, not about how you gyrated around, it’s much more about taking care of the audience.”

Source: OK! Magazine


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