Posted by: sigourneyweaverfan | February 2, 2010

Sigourney Weaver: People everywhere respond to ‘Avatar’

Sigourney Weaver is in France hanging out with friends, but she’s well aware that her movie Avatar picked up a few Oscar nominations – nine to be exact.

“It’s really exciting. I’ve been traveling a lot and people in all these different countries have been responding to the movie. That’s already so satisfying, but to get aknowledged by the Academy in all these different categories is amazing.”

She hasn’t talked to any of her co-stars yet because of the time difference, but plans to get in touch when she can. “I imagine they’re getting plenty of calls, so I may just e-mail. … But, I will call James Cameron later.”

The sci fi queen has connection to the Oscars beyond her blockbuster movie, however. Her best friend Catherine Leterrier picked up a nomination as well for her costume work on the film Coco Before Chanel. “It’s just fun to be here on the day when my best friend and I got caught up in these Oscar nominations. … We can all be each others’ dates,” she says of hitting the red carpet with her husband, filmmaker Jim Simpson, and Leterrier for the big night on March 7.

The actress has traveled the world promoting the film and recently helped screen the movie for thousands of U.S. sailors and Marines in Bahrain and Djibouti, whom she described as “a very rapt audience” since the story is so much about “a hero who overcomes so many obstacles.”

For her part, she has seen almost all of the ten best picture nominees but admits that she didn’t get the Academy’s decision to expand the field initially. “I didn’t quite understand why one was doing it, but looking at this group of movies, it’s such a diverse group. I think it will alert people to movies they may have missed and that they should see. I say that as a moviegoer myself.”

She still needs to see A Serious Man, and plans to have a repeat viewing of one film, in particular. “Inglorious Basterds is a movie I’d like to see again.” – Arienne Thompson



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